Penetration Testing

Each test offered is unique and customized towards the client’s infrastructure to provide maximum benefit.

Social Engineering

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments are a great way to create a baseline of your network or enterprise security thereby making it easier to understand assets and risk management on system and organization level.


Information Assurance

Information Assurance programs are an essential part of any organization regardless of size. Different areas of the industry utilize IA programs in various ways.

Enterprise-wide program (customized to the clients needs)
Security course curriculum and lab setup (Education)
IA program with emphasis on layered security approach (Government)

Courses & Training

We offer a combination of workshops and training courses in Ethical Hacking and Information Security. Current courses offered:

Penetration Testing 101
Advanced Hacking and Counter-measures

Lectures & Talks

We provide lectures and talks in the field of information security. Contact us for further details or to book an event.

Click on “Events” for our current and past engagements.

Course/Curriculum Setup (College / University)

Currently we offer the following classes based on a typical 4 month semester.

Introduction to Computer and Network Security (100 – Freshmen level)

Tools of the trade – Practical Application (200 – Sophomore level)

Offensive Security (300 – Junior level)

Defense and Mitigation Tactics (400 – Senior level)